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Kirby's Bail Bonds - Servicing the Tampa Area and Hillsborough County, Florida


Located in Tampa, Florida.


Bail Bonds Tampa - Why Kirby's?

Kirby's Bail Bonds, serving the Tampa Bay and Hillsborough County area.  We understand the frustration of having a loved one sitting behind bars waiting for bond to be posted. We are conveniently available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help aid with getting a friend or loved one out of jail.


How long does it take to get released from jail?
Once an arrestee is booked (i.e. fingerprinted, photographed, processed, ...), he/she then waits for bail to be set. If the bail given requires a bond, we will promptly process your bond request and upon approval, immediately deliver/post the bond to Hillsborough County’s only Bail Bond Processing Facility requesting the facility to immediate release the arrestee.

How does bail work?
After booking process is completed, the arrestee will typically be given one of several options for release. If the bail option includes a financial guarantee component (cash, bond, etc…), that’s when we at Kirby’s Bail Bonds can be of assistance to you.

Release on Bail Bond
Signature Guarantee plus Surety Financial Guarantee The arrestee provides the “signature” guarantee promising in writing to appear at all future court dates while Kirby’s provide the “financial” guarantee (bail bond) insuring the court that the arrestee will appear at all future court dates. If the arrestee fails to appear at any court date, the bond may be forfeited to the court and the arrestee may be immediately returned to jail for incarceration.

Release on Bail Bond with GPS Tracking
Signature Guarantee plus Surety Financial Guarantee plus Tracking Device
In addition to requiring a signature guarantee and financial guarantee, the court will require the arrestee to wear an electronic tracking device. Current tracking technology uses several satellites to track an arrestee’s whereabouts while they remain out of jail. The arrestee provides the “signature” guarantee, Kirby’s provides the “financial” guarantee (bail bond), and a monitoring company provides the tracking services and electronic equipment. If the arrestee fails to appear at any court date or fails to abide by the electronic monitoring conditions imposed by the court, the bond may be forfeited to the court and the arrestee may be immediately returned to jail for incarceration

How much does a bail bond cost?
Bail bond premium cost is10% of the bail amount set by the court for each charge, or $100 per charge, whichever is greater. Licensed Bail Bond Agents are strictly prohibited from charging more, or charging less, then the amounts described above.

How much of the premium will I get back?
Bail bond premium is immediately earned by the licensed bail agent once the arrestee has been successfully released from the jail. Bail bond premium is then non-refundable.

What is collateral?
Collateral is something of value used to financially secure a bail bond.

What can be used as collateral?
Some examples of collateral include cash, credit/debit cards, checks, houses, cars, etc …

When can collateral be returned?
Collateral can be returned when the court discharges the bail bond.